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I’m glad this is free. Spread the word of Sevo

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Only illiterate hockey fans hate Damon

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The clownmen are gonna hate this piece

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Hoping the devils can make a real run, he shows himself off in the playoffs and gets a good beefy contract somewhere. He’s earned it.

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Hi everyone, really looking forward to the Senators game in a few hours! Another great article by Alex Chauvsncy, as usual!

However, I do have one problem about it! Maybe Alex can explain his reasoning llater at the game? I believe he will be there too!

Alex, you wrote an excellent article about Damon Severson, whom I have followed ever since he was drafted by the Devils and played in thr WHL.

Out of the top 10 defensemen in the Devils organization, you spoke about 9 of them but left out Ryan Graves completely!

I was wondering if that was simply an omission or if there was something more to this?

Graves plays 2LD for NJ. As far as I am concerned, Ryan is in a very similar situation as Damon! Both will be UFAs in the summer and will get paid very well and for a long time by whatever teams sign them at that time.

I was ok with the Devils not trading either one of them at the trade deadline. It meantvthat they're going forvit, now!

We need both to play well in the playoffs so that our team can make a run! After a decade of so much frustration, I want us to go deep in the playoffs this season! After all, nobody expected to be #3 in the entire league at this time! Right? In fact, a 4th Stanley Cup is not out of the question!

Fitz's priority is to sign both Jesper Bratt and Timo Meier, in no particular order.

It will probably not be possible to sign either of Severson or Graves after that! Certainly not both! I like them both, but the reality is, that we are not a bottom feeder team anymore! We're not even talking about tanking for Bedard!

Think about that for a minute! The NJ Devils have arrived! As a result, in the next several years, I hope, hard decisions will have to be made to stay competitive in the cap area. The key is to keep the core players!

Sorry for the length! But if you're still reading, I thank you and would appreciate your comments! LGD!

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